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HVAC & Insulation Packages


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We offer Heating, Ventalation,

Air Conditioning & Insulation Packages.


  • * Reduce Overall Enegry Costs
  • * Seal Off Areas of Air Leaks
  • * Ownership of Conditioned Envelope
  • * Eliminate Costly Mistakes
  • * Meet or Exceed Texas Building Codes (3 ACH)
  • * Insure System is Properly Sized to Insulation Factor
  • * Pass the Blower Door Test



We offer complete packages that include HVAC and Insulation that is properly sized and installed to insure costly mistakes are eliminated. It is very important to insure your insulation factors are carefully balanced with the HVAC system you select to insure you are maximizing your energy conservation and overall engery costs.

Optimal Air Solutions has invested in the HVAC and Insulation market to insure our technicians are fully trained in properly configuring your HVAC and Insualtion System. Combining these two areas insure you are getting the best possible Cooling and Heating conservation and efficiency. We have taken the guess work our to estimating the Encapsulated Spray Foam application and insure your home meets or exceed the Texas building code 3 ACH (air exchange per hour) standards.


What does this all mean for you? 

We save you money year after year on your energy costs ($$).


  • * Our HVAC Technicians are Factory Authorized by Trane
  • * Experts with HVAC and Equipment for Encapsulated Foam Application
  • * New Construction
  • * Residential
  • * Commercial
  • * Military Bases
  • * Latest Spray Foam Technology

Give us a call today and allow us to meet with you and discuss how combining your HVAC and Insulation System will save you money.

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